About cmbc

Chalk & Metal Barbell Club is a weightlifting club for everyone that enjoys picking up heavy stuff and listening to heavy stuff.  Be it Weightlifting, Powerlifting, or just general strength, CMBC is aimed at fitting your need for a no hassle gym. This is a full service gym that offers;

  • coaching
  • personal training
  • personalized programming
  • open gym hours, to all levels of lifters

Don't worry, you won't have to run or do burpees, unless you really want to.

CMBC operates in a 1100sf warehouse space in the SODO neighborhood of Seattle, WA. We have a separate locker/changing room and a restroom. The main space houses:

  • 6 platforms
  • 2 power racks
  • 10 full sets of colored kilo plates
  • 8 20kg men's bearing bars
  • 6 15kg women's bearing bars
  • 6 20kg squatting bars
  • 3 15kg squatting bars
  • 5 sets of squat stands
  • a pair of jerk blocks
  • an assortment of dumbbells and kettlebells
  • a pull up bar
  • a lat pull-down machine
  • a GHD

There is a TV we can stream weightlifting competitions on and a small refrigerator to keep drinks cold or store post workout snacks.

This all started as a funny idea while lifting in a friends garage listening to Metallica one summer day. 4 years of letting the idea percolate and here we are. With the help of friends and family I am able to share with you all my love of weightlifting.

We operate is a key code gym that offers 24/7/365 access to members after a short interview process. This concept of gym was spurred by the fact that not everyone has the same schedule or desire to work out in the afternoon/evenings. What this means if after roughly 1-2 months of membership a code will be entered into the door that is individualized to the member for access.




Mon - Fri: 2pm - 8pm
Sat: 11am - 3pm

Sun: Closed

Mitch Adams

I’ve been coaching for 5 years.  My certifications include: USAW Lv.1 and USAW Lv.2. I also function as a club level coach, a youth strength and conditioning coach, and have taught a variety of weightlifting courses throughout my career in order to expose athletes to Olympic weightlifting and proper lifting technique.

My true passion is weightlifting — I eat, drink, and breathe it. As a result I decided to open CMBC. I really enjoy helping people push themselves to become stronger versions of themselves and I am constantly researching and studying new ways to teach my clients. I believe a good coach is never done learning.

When I’m not coaching, you can find me lifting weights, cooking, eating, writing programming, or sitting on the couch watching Netflix with my girlfriend.


Schedule a visit or just come by during coaching hours to see the space and meet with Mitch.


$140 / month

Student / active military membership

$100 / month

Personalized Programming

$50-$100 / month


5 Visits / $85

10 Visits / $150


personal training

$115 / hour

Drop In



2228 Occidental Ave S
Seattle, WA 98134

The door is around back.

Onsite parking available in the first 7 spaces by the stairs.



Call (206) 604-4282


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